Film Production

As a full-service film company, we are involved in every stage of the filmmaking process from development and pre-production to post-production and distribution.

Film Streaming

It's a video-on-demand service with a vast collection of African films. Clients who pay a monthly fee have access to an infinite amount of content in various languages. Arkwood films are compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and smart TVs.

Film Festival And Award AAFFA

This festival and awards ceremony celebrates the unrealized potential of the Ethiopian film industry and encourages co-production opportunities throughout the continent, all the while honoring the outstanding accomplishments of African filmmakers across a range of genres

Film Studio Complex Development

Filmmakers can find everything they need at Arkwood Studios, a one-stop workshop that provides pre-production, distribution, and monitoring services. with the intention of promoting domestic film production and drawing foreign production companies to underutilized locations across the nation.

Share company

Welcome to our Share Company, a platform dedicated to connecting film enthusiasts and investors with exciting opportunities in the film industry. As a film company, our goal is to produce compelling content that resonates with our audience while creating profitable returns for our investors.


Core Values

Creativity & Innovation: We value artistic creativity and the ability to push the boundaries of storytelling. We embrace innovation and continually strive to challenge ourselves to produce unique and thought-provoking films that captivate our audiences.

Diversity & Inclusion: We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in our films and strive to represent all communities and cultures. We believe that by amplifying diverse voices, we can create powerful and impactful films that resonate with audiences everywhere.

Collaboration & Respect: We believe in the power of working collaboratively with our teams, partners, and communities. We treat everyone with respect and professionalism, creating a culture of mutual respect that inspires and motivates us to produce our best work.

Honesty & Integrity: We operate with transparency and integrity in everything we do. We are committed to being honest and open with our audiences, partners, and stakeholders, and we hold ourselves accountable for the quality and impact of our films.

Leadership & Excellence: We promote proffecionalsm wih the ability of leadership leading to excellence.


Arkwood's Mission

To build film making platform for entertainment, art, profit, and narrative advancement using timely technology.

To establish a well-organized film industry that can contribute to the growth of the country's GDP. A structured film industry can generate a better GDP by creating jobs, attracting tourists, promoting cultural diversity and enhancing the country's image

To fuel a culture of collaboration among filmmakers by promoting shared values and To inspire positive action - raising awareness, donating, volunteering, or advocating for causes - through the power of film


Arkwood's Vision

To share the responsibility and the out come of our company from the resource.

To create a socity that narrates its own story to inspire, entertain, and leave lasting impressions on audiences worldwide using language varities

To create quality and proffesionalism and To make ethiopia a center for african film industry

Arsema Worku

Managing Director || CO-FOUNDER

Ermias Tadesse

Head of Creative Arts|| CO-FOUNDER

Biniyam Alemayehu

Chairman of the Board || CO-FOUNDER

Samuel kefelegn

CTO at Arkwood's IT Infrastructure and CyberSecuritty Department|| CO-FOUNDER

Minas Feseha

Head of Legal and External Engagement Department || CO-FOUNDER


Project 1 Film city

At Film City Development, where imagination meets reality in the ever-evolving world of film production.we understand that a conducive environment is crucial for filmmakers to bring their visions to life.


Project 2 Streaming

Our commitment to delivering exceptional content through film streaming platforms is at the core of our project to connect audiences with captivating stories, inspiring performances, and unforgettable cinematic experiences.


Project 3 AAFFA

Arkwood African Film Festival & Award AAFFA seeks to introduce participants to diverse African films, and give recognition awards to outstanding African films and film makers annually

“Arkwood gives us a safe way to share Ethiopian cenima with the world so that ethiopia’s creative talent can graow”

“We all share the same dream, we all dreamed of Ethiopian Film industry where talented creative young people make films and make money by making films”

“We also dreamed of a way that ethiopian film makers can share their films with the world, with out fear of their film being piroted”

Dr. Steven Thomas

From Wagner College , NY



The collaborative force behind our creative journey at ethioarkwood. we believe that great films are not created in isolation, but through the power of partnerships.

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Arkwood is an entertainment production share company.our company integrates the creation, production, distribution, dissemination, and online streaming of various forms of video and related products.

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